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Please and thank you, for all the wrong reasons! Adult only though.

It did seem weird.  I’ll admit. It was a big wave of the sincerest gratitude.

I could see that he saw me by the way he went to the other side of the road and went much slower as I jogged by. The gray pickup truck was the big kind with a huge tool chest and extra cab space. I’m sure he saw me checking him out to make sure we didn’t have an undue collision. I can’t run fast enough to get out of anyone’s way, let alone that big truck.

I waved a “thank you” wave. He waved back, as if to say, ‘yes, I see you.’ Thank you. Thank you sir in the big truck.

Last week it wasn’t the same story. I was walking briskly with a stroller that was holding my now 7 week old grand baby. I saw him coming, unfortunately he did not see me! Pulling the stroller over into the grass off the road, I gave the man a hateful grandmother look. He was on his phone, going too fast, and this angry-mama-now-angry-grandmama was fuming. On top of all that, he didn’t even notice any of my efforts to shame his little venture through our otherwise quiet neighborhood.

I get it. I love my phone too. Use it all day. But come on people! Not while driving. PLEASE! It’s the adults that get me! Grown people. Gray hair even! You are not so important that a text or call or picture or post or buzz or ding can’t wait. There are people out there walking, running, and strolling with children. Pay attention!

To the people that consider themselves grown adults, mature in wisdom, and want to set an example for others, please help this unfortunate trend. Turn your phone off while driving.


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