Please! How to get from constant calamity to constant calm. Just in time for Christmas! Today’s pick of the day.

Please! I’m looking for more calm, less calamity.  That does not necessarily mean less busy, just comfortable about the direction of my life and confident I’m making solid decisions about my future.

In a recent study at our church we discovered the key similarity to most is that we are stressed. Some due to job woes. Others troubled relationships. Many financial. Some struggling with addictions. A few hiding behind secrets. Most a bit uncertain about the future. Not one person is free from some sort of trouble.

Motivated yet? There is good news. This can be remedied. How? Mindset adjustments. Today I was reminded of a Scripture (Psalm 90:12) It says that those who live like they number their days gain wisdom and understanding.

For either I would stand in line. Would you? Yet all we have to do to have Godly wisdom and supernatural understanding is to live like our days are numbered. If you had a week left, would you do that? Go there? Spend money on that? Bottom line is our time is our life and it’s up to us to use it in such a way that demonstrates wisdom.

The point is not time management. The point is living through the filter of a   heart of wisdom. With that confident mindset we we no longer struggle with what to do or how to do it. Wisdom will shine a light that gives direction. Understanding brings confidence that illuminates the path of our greatest potential. This is the key to discernment. It’s how we move from constant calamity to constant calm. Wisdom and understanding. 

Less stress? Sure. We can’t do it all. We were meant to have a solid grip on how to live our lives. That confidence comes from a heart of wisdom and understanding. It’s ours for the taking. Today’s pick of the day.

2 thoughts on “Please! How to get from constant calamity to constant calm. Just in time for Christmas! Today’s pick of the day.”

  1. Very well said and I needed that reminder. Pray to walk down God’s path for us, which is the only path lighted with wisdom and understanding to bear fruit. The by product of that is peace! Seems so easy until our flesh squeezes in-the uninvited intruder! 😍

    I hope you are doing well! Your writing is always an encouragement!


    Kris Ann

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