Potential-The simple secret that helps you step into your powerful potential. Today’s pick of the day.



Reality shows are numerous. It seems there is something for everyone. Outdoorsy/indoorsy, classy/trashy, healthy food/heart attack food, this animal/that animal. The thing I like most about them, is that that old phrase “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression” rings true.

Once the character is out there, there is no turning back. It’s true you can tell a great deal about a person within the first few seconds of their appearing. Their body language, the clothes they wear, the way they talk and if they seem to be full of authenticity or if their  persona is a fake. Right, wrong, or indifferent, we make judgements of others based on they way they present themselves to the world.

Sometimes we are right, other times wrong. I have friends that if you met, you would be frightened. They have led rough lives and it shows. But they are wonderful people and I can trust them wholeheartedly. Others look terrific on the outside, but are not worthy of my trust. Experience over the years has taught me the importance of discernment. Be careful and alert, but also be aware of what lies beneath the surface of every single person out there. Potential. Once realized and released, the power is undeniable.

Do you have a someone you know you can become? So does everyone else. While many lose sight of their own potential, it’s our job to encourage others past where they are and into what they can become.

Our world is in desperate need of encouragers. People who look past screens and their own pursuit of success, and look into the faces of others to acknowledge and encourage them. “You could be great at….., you are so right for……..I can see you doing…….Let me see if I can help you by…….”

One of the best ways to be all we can be is to help others be all they can be. Underneath that good or bad impression, there is someone wanting to be more. To do more. To smile more. To feel more. And to realize their own value. You can change a persons complete trajectory by simply pointing them towards their potential. 

That is power.  Could it be so simple, that when we encourage others to reach their full potential, we step closer to our own? Nothing is better for the soul than to know we have made a difference in the life of another.

Step into your potential by leading others to theirs. Today’s pick of the day.


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