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Pounce! How to keep your foot out of your mouth and not have to eat crow. Today’s pick of the day.

It was the last thing I needed to grab on my way out the door. Headed to my closest Y, my hands were already full and any unplanned movement could cause me to drop everything I had carefully bundled in my two hands.

“Headphones, now where are they? The last place I left them was on the key hanger thingy that is full of everything but keys near the door.” I think out loud as if someone might answer. A small amount of panic set in as I realized there were no headphones hanging. “Ugh.” Jumping immediately to conclusions, I could picture either one of my teenagers listening to loud music through those very headphones that very moment.

Next comes the swell of anger. Putting all of my stuff down, I grab some other not so great but are better than nothing headphones and reassemble my full hands and head out the door. Before going into the Y, I text both children, ignoring the fact that they are in class, to ask of the whereabouts of my headphones. Both responded that they did not have them. Sure.

Just before sending another text, accusing them of “forgetting” I remember where I had put my headphones. Realizing if they had been left out they would be considered fair game, I had put them in a closet so that I could find them when needed. I’d hidden them from myself.

So thankful I had not accused anyone of anything, I realize how close I’d come to pouncing on something based on incorrect assumptions. Whew, close call.

Next time you want to pounce on something out of anger, remember to think carefully, gather facts, and keep your foot out of your mouth so you don’t have to eat crow.  Today’s pick of the day.

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