Power is Personal! Quit giving it away. Today’s Pick of the Day


Push away and find some quiet time,” it’s like the voice in my head was screaming as if I’d been refusing to listen. Too many people saying too many things, the need to push away and process was almost desperate.

Thankfully, my life is full of wonderful people. Family, friends, and co-workers. Also thankfully, I’m creative and full of ideas. If I’m not careful, those very good things can be the pit that keeps me from  reaching my full potential. Reaching out before I reach in costs what I need most.

Power. And power is personal. We all want it, we all need it, and the truth is, we all have it. Power comes from within.

When is the last time you had a good chunk of time alone? To pray and listen. To ask God for guidance? There was a time when many people considered quiet time to be necessary. Today, it brings with it the false condemnation of non-productivity. It seems we have become convinced that taking a breather means we have lost some invisible race as others pass us by. Not so.

Power? Possess it.

Push away. Pray to the God who created you for the path He has chosen for you. Only He has the answers you seek. LISTEN! Then talk to others who share your faith. Take time to weigh your options, calm your fears, and think about the affects of your decisions. You likely know what to do, you just have not given yourself the right to decide out of fear you will make a wrong decision.

Push out. Once you’ve made a mental commitment, make a physical one. Get outside and walk around. If you think within four walls, you are likely to think contained thoughts. Changing your environment will improve your ability to think clearly while releasing tension that keeps you feeling bound.

Push in. You don’t need others as much as you think you do. Your life is built on your experience, and that experience has taught you valuable lessons unique to your situation. You know what has worked for you, what has not worked for you, and what is likely to bring change that brings positive results. Take time to think through your situation alone. Believe in yourself and choose to trust God.

Push forward. Deal with what is, not what you wish. While you can hope and dream for what you want, you must make the decisions that lead there. Often our greatest lessons come from stepping out of our comfort zones and going for what we feel driven to pursue.

You possess incredible power. Power that is God-given for your unique path, and it is within you. Power is personal, today’s pick of the day.

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  1. Love your message today! Just what I needed to hear..As I was -reading, again…James 1:5 If anyone lacks wisdom…Just ask God! Thanks Beth!

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