Practice! Scars and Stripes. How I survived a home invasion. Today’s pick of the day.

For every scar, there is a stripe.

If “by his stripes we are healed” is true, then why are there so many hurting Christians? If we are the salt and light of the world, then why does pain diminish power?

Often it’s a matter of what we practice.

Years ago my pastor made an illustration that was life changing. He was referencing the tools needed to build a house and the proper use of each. “You wouldn’t use a screwdriver to drive a nail, would you?” The illustration made clear that by using the right tools the right way, you could build a house. However, even if you had the right tools, but used them incorrectly, you would end up with a big mess and no house.

The parallel is for our Christian walk. He posed a question. “How many of you have prayed for something for years?” Hundreds of hands quickly raised. “Then you are using the wrong tools!” By then I was on the edge of my seat. He drove home the message. “Many of us believe lies, and while praying may bring you closer to God, it won’t change the lies. The way to overcome all lies is with Truth from the Word of God.”

Wow. I’d been living with lies all my life, but I didn’t realize that applying Scriptures is how I was to over come them. For example. When I was a teen, I survived a home invasion. A man came into my home in the middle of the night with a gun and attacked me. Even though I escaped, I was left paralyzed with fear-for years. Eventually, I learned of Psalm 91.  I began to memorize it and speak it over my nightly ritual to check every door and window over and over again. One day after years of saying this Psalm over my life, I was finally unafraid. It became what I practiced. Eventually Truth took over and the lie was defeated.

Satan is the author of lies and lies produce pain. Pain diminishes power which keeps God’s children from living in freedom. Yet we have the power to overcome lies by searching Scripture for Truth. The war is won! God left us with the tools we need to live out his calling to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. We have to commit to the daily practice applying Scripture to lies until truth takes over.

For every scar, there is a Stripe. Jesus paid the price for us to live in freedom, leaving us the power of His Word to overcome every lie that lives.

Practice speaking Scripture to the lies in your life. Truth has already won, it’s our job to apply it. Today’s pick of the day.

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  1. Beth, I will put this into practice! Thank you for your encouraging and wisdom filled words. What a blessing God protected you from the home invasion and taught you how to use scripture for healing! This is very helpful for me! In Him, Kris Ann

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