Preach! It was the worst sermon I’d heard… Or perhaps the best. You decide. Today’s pick of the day.

image001“Serve em’.” Listening as I cringed, I knew it could change everything. “If you don’t know what to do when relationships are being tested, serve em’.”

Our pastor was in a sermon series called Life Rules. It centered around the unspoken life rules that families live by on a daily basis. The rolling eyes, clanking pots and pans, the silent treatments, the unkind attitudes. This particular day was about dealing with conflict while hoping to reach resolution.

His example was Jesus. (John 13:1-17) Prior to the last supper the disciples were discouraged. Yet even after having been betrayed by His closest friends, Jesus washed their dirty, nasty, smelly, stinky feet.

Fortunately for my family, over the years I’ve recalled those two words many times. Right when I’m wanting to stomp my holy foot and overreact to a situation, I hear that still small voice. “Serve em’.” Ugh. There are times when I’ve ignored it and made a mess. Yet the times I’ve chosen to serve my way to conflict resolution, the outcomes have been much better than those when pride took control and wreaked havoc and hurt feelings.

Serving others ushers in humility as the vehicle for conflict resolution. It does not mean becoming a door mat while waiting on others hand and foot. On the contrary, it presents productive ways to have meaningful discussions and talk about what what needs to be talked about. It’s just a productive way to create safer environments to grow as a family.

“Serve em’.” It’s what Jesus did. Back then it was the most uncomfortable sermon I’d heard. Years later, I can honestly say it’s one of the best. Pretty sure my family would agree! Today’s pick of the day.

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