Precious Encouragement. How to make a impact others will remember every day. Today’s pick of the day.





It was April 11, 1999. Fifteen years ago. As a fairly young Christian and a wife and mom of two small children, I was to offer the Childrens’ sermon in front of an entire congregation of United Methodists. Nervous yes, but when asked I’d accepted.  As usual, I planned, prepared, and prayed. My goal was to offer a “sermon-ette” that would be understandable for the dozens of children, but also relative to the adults who had no choice but to listen as well.

While I vaguely remember the topic, what I remember most was a note I received from a high school student leader that day. He had used construction paper, and imposed a Cross on the page and across them wrote a hand written letter to me (see photo). He thanked me for my time and creativity. Then he went on to speak blessings over my life, talents, and potential. “I believe you have a wealth of potential, a great ability, and an amazing method for sharing God’s Words.” Wow. From a youth. Being young in my faith at that point, I felt my greatest potential was to deliver both children to preschool on time well fed and properly clothed and maintain some sense of order in my home. Yet those words took root in my hungry soul. I longed to receive them and validate them with my life.

That letter is now discolored around the edges, a bit torn and worn in places, yet placed prominently on my desk. Still today tears well up in my eyes when I know this young man took the time to create something that I would treasure for years to follow. He thanked me for being a blessing, yet he was indeed the blessing that day.

Precious encouragement. There is never enough to go around. In a world of busyness, outrageous expectations, and a push push mentality, keep in mind everyone you encounter is hungry for encouragement. Be the person who writes that note, says those words, and stirs something deep within the souls of those in your life. So simple, yet so precious.  Today’s pick of the day.



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