Prepared! My apologies for my lack of apologetics. Today’s pick of the day.


The word alone is intimidating. When I first heard it I was afraid to even ask what it meant. Apologetics? Upon realizing there was such a thing, I knew I’d have to ask someone to explain that one to me in simple terms.

Being able to defend my Christian faith is important. I’ve read the Bible through, though  dates, names, stories, cities and other specifics get frustratingly jumbled when I try to recall correctly.  I’m sure that makes me more left brained or right brained or some other technical term. Yet I accept the importance of Biblical understanding and enjoy growing in that knowledge every week.

Thankfully I also understand the power of a testimony. “No one can ever argue with what God has done in your life,” my wise friend often reminds our small group. There. I know who I used to be, I know who I am now, and that is a pretty miraculous work of God. Some of the decisions I’ve made over my life, well, let’s just say I thankful they are behind me. Even after being a Christian for years I struggle with temptations and wrong thinking. As I seek to do good works that affect positive change, my mind gets flooded with doubt and I become “apologetic”  of my shortcomings.

Yet He promises not to leave me like I am if I continue to seek Him with an honest heart.  So… my hope is in God. My Trust in Him to complete His work in me is in and of itself part of my story. The fact that I am excited about what God is doing around me and, yes, even sometimes through me brings me straight to my knees. That He would use me.

My church is offering a course on Apologetics. I should sign up. But I’ll still have get my husband to help me to understand it when I get home. In the meantime, I’m happy to know God is still at work in my life.

Prepared? I’ve got my story, you’ve got yours. Tell it. Be bold. Hold nothing back. No one will challenge what God has done in your life. In the mean time, my apologies for my lack of apologetics. Just happy to be a student! Today’s pick of the day.

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