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Presents! How to give. How to receive. More importantly, how to accept. Today’s pick of the day.

Surely by now you’ve wrapped at least one gift. You’ve checked off lists, added to lists, and will likely stress over if you’ve gotten it all done. “Did I forget anyone? Will they like that gift? Will that new recipe be as good as I hope?” Deep down we hope for the perfect day. The best of all Christmases.

It’s that time of year when we give and receive. It’s also a time to accept who we are so  we are free to grow. Often we busy right past our deeper feelings that often surface during the Christmas season.  Years of memories, hurts, hopes, and traditions surface to our minds, and we are unsure how it all fits with the here and now.

Past and present. Together. Blended. Mended as well as on the mend.

This week I’ve felt discouraged, disconnected, and in disarray. And that is from me.. the organized happy energizer bunny. Discouraged?  Trying to shake it, I even got discouraged because I was discouraged! Christmas is my favorite time of year!  Pointing the finger in my own face, I knew the way to get past it was to accept it and deal with it.

Once I started analyzing, I stomped my holy foot. Stop! Does why I’m discouraged matter? Not really. We all have things that are not as we wish. Could it be the physical and mental toll of starting a business? Perhaps. Is it navigating demanding schedules? Gasp. How about family dynamics? Yep. How about our spiritual health? Ahhh. Rejection? Daunting. Things we can’t change. People as they are. Don’t get me started on traffic. Instead of attempting to deny those feelings, I decided to let them linger and hopefully learn.

It took a few days but the fog began to lift. A day of shopping with my mom and sister. Date night with my husband. The Nutcracker with my daughter. Sitting on the bumper while my son installed more speakers into his already too loud car. Parties with friends.  Christmas music and movies. Cooking. Time alone, praying.

Accepting challenging feelings is part of life. It’s how we grow and understand our deepest longings. They can be the very red flag we need to grow into the healthy person who lives unafraid to face reality. Life is challenging. Feelings can change. Relationships require work and compromise. All such is completely normal and to be expected as part of life.

Presents! Go ahead, give thoughtfully. Receive gracefully. More importantly, accept the various feelings that make you who you are. Learn from them, grow because of them, and let them linger so you can grow.  That is your gift to yourself. Today’s pick of the day.

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