Pressure! How to keep from hitting somebody. Today’s pick of the day.

Last week I participated in a The Global Leadership Summit at The Chapel in Baton Rouge. There were many great topics,  but one in particular centered around sharpening skills in regard to good communications. In the book Crucial Conversations, it is said that “if you don’t talk it out, you will act it out.”

That reminded me of a conversation fairly recently between my husband and myself. “I’m going to a kick boxing class this morning!” Because I’d never been to a kick boxing class, he gave me a surprised look and asked why. “Because I really need to hit something.” Now I don’t even recall why I was feeling pressure, but I knew it was building and needed relief.

After the class, I felt better. I hit, boxed, kicked, and left feeling some sense of relief. In retrospect it makes a lot of sense. I was acting out my frustration, thankfully in an appropriate way. (I wish I handled other conflicts as well as that one).

Often we avoid tough conversations to avoid conflict. Yet due to mounting pressure, it can quickly backfire.  We tend to act it out in ways we may not even recognize.  Bursts of temper, angry conversations, defensive body language, or ignoring a person altogether can create pressure that if allowed to build, can blow a simple conflict way out of proportion.

Pressure? We all have it. Don’t let it build, because feeling the need to hit someone or something is just not a good thing. Work towards talking it out, so that you don’t act it out. Today’s pick of the day.


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