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Priorities! The only place I’ve got nothin’ on you and you’ve got nothin’ on me! Today’s pick of the day.

It was years ago when I arrived at a conference about time management. I felt like a big wig as a young professional who had just been promoted. With my impressive new title and business card, I sat down eager to learn about prioritization.

That was then. This is now. After our instructor told us how to separate our work life from our home life, I began the attempt to compartmentalize the various components of life. Blah blah blah. Never once could I work a day without thinking about something that had  nothing to do with work. My Friday night plans would linger in my mind. The work out I’d missed haunted me. The thought of spending more time with family would invade my thoughts at important meetings. This whole prioritizing thing was not working for me. Epic fail.  Thus a new normal would have to be established.

Very few places in life do we not have to compete with others on just about everything. It’s exhausting to continually be compared to someone over something. Yet one key component levels the playing field for everyone. Yay! It’s the only place I’ve got nothin’ on you and you’ve got nothin’ on me. Time. You get the same 24 hours as I do. The President of the United States or the boss of your company does not get extra because they are busy. No. You, me? We all get the same. It’s what we do with it that counts.

That became my logic. Utilizing time well could give me an edge. Working harder? Well it could help climb that ladder to success. If I used my time wisely,  then it seemed ok to allow it to jumble together like giant pieces of a puzzle that came together as my life.

While others may argue, priorities can be simple. Use your 24 hours well. It’s that simple. Enjoy them. Use them intentionally. Don’t waste them.  De-clutter the junk.  Let others off the hook with minor infractions. Quit taking ourselves too seriously. When you get knocked down, get back up. Start over. It’s a new day. That wonderful clock starts over.

Priorities! Sure, they are important. Don’t over think it like I did. Use your 24 hours. Enjoy them. Engage in your life and the people you care about. Today’s pick of the day.

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