Process-why your story matters and must be told. Today’s pick of the day.




“You matter.” It’s what my husband said looking into the eyes of a friend who was in desperate need. “Thank you so much,” He said in response, overflowing with gratitude.   

All Fred did was get him a job for two days. But to our friend, it was a reason to get up an get ready. A fresh opportunity. Food on the table. Most importantly to be reminded that his life mattered. Our friend had suffered a rough few weeks. Some of his own doing, some just tough breaks. But when you are down and out, a little means a lot. 

To matter is important. We all want to feel as though our mere existence means something. It’s a bonus when we can actually take that existence and make it into something that benefits our lives as well as others. 

Your story matters. My story matters.  While we often underestimate the seemingly mundane routines, they are part of the process that strengthens and teaches us and leads towards God’s purposes. While most of us attempt to “fast forward” difficult times, it’s frequently the process itself that becomes the turning point. 

Process. It’s the underestimated power behind every purpose. How we choose to trust and accept our circumstances as part of our story is, in and of itself, part of our story. There are huge chunks of my life I didn’t anticipate, ask for, nor do I understand. Choosing to trust God (easier said than done), I can believe those events are being used for something bigger. Perhaps even something spectacular.  In some circumstances, I can reflect and see how those events produced healing and growth. Other events, I still don’t understand. Yet from my knees I surrender them at the feet of Jesus, anticipating a mighty work yet to unfold. 

Process. You matter. I matter. Our stories need to be told. There are no small decisions in life, each points somewhere. Align those decisions with something so big, it has to be of God.  Trust it, accept it, press into it.  A bigger work is being done.

Your story matters and needs to be told. The more we trust the process, the closer we get to understanding our purpose.Today’s pick of the day. 

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