Professionalism vs. Un-Professionalism. The ugly battle and how to win. Today’s Pick of the Day


I’ve not led a sheltered life. Therefore it takes a lot to get under my skin. Un-professionalism gets me every time. Why? Because if you are going to work, then appreciate what you do (or please change it). Be better than anyone else, have an attitude that is infectious, and never forget that others are just as important as you.

I’ve been in the business world since I was a teenager, being financially independent from a young age. When I left my first job as a bank teller and started my career in property management, I never looked back. Many jobs later, a few bold career moves, some dumb mistakes included, I consider myself a successful work in progress. While my career has evolved over the years, I’m still learning and yearning for more and reaching for ways to grow and expand. That said, work should be more than “what you do.” It’s part of who we are and should elicit a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Otherwise its just a job and you won’t reach your potential. 

Sure, I’ve had jobs I didn’t like where I wasn’t a match, and for that season I did what I had to until change was feasible. Notably I was not as effective in those as others, but they served as stepping stones to drive me to seek something better. Ultimately we should seek to work where we are encouraged to be our absolute best and are pushed every day. 

Today, un-professionalism was just ugly, not once but twice. A snarky message from a collegaue I’d never met who felt as though my being unavailable to take her call immediately was unacceptable. Returning her call within 17 minutes was not good enough, and she attempted to let me have it. Really? Not going to take that from anyone, certainly not her. It went downhill from there. The other event involved a leader of an industry dependent on teamwork completely overlooking the work and commitment of another. The end result was unrecognized loyalty, tireless hours of unpaid work, and not so much as even a thank you. Wow.

Too many this is normal. To me it’s unacceptable. Work is more than work. It’s a way to better your life,  learn new things, and make the money you need to provide for those you care about. It’s a place to grow, help others, build lifelong relationships while stepping into ongoing opportunity. It’s a place to become better at being who you are and defining who you are not. It’s where professionalism should be demonstrated, expected, recognized and rewarded.

Un-professionalism. It’s just unacceptable. Today’s Pick of the Day.



4 thoughts on “Professionalism vs. Un-Professionalism. The ugly battle and how to win. Today’s Pick of the Day”

  1. Well written! Un-professionalism and the lack of work ethics needs to be addressed in so many venues today.

  2. So true! Unfortunately those that serve beyond just “doing the job” are the ones who stand out to me. They seem to be the minority. I marvel every time I go into a Chik-Fil-a or the Apple store. I often leave saying, “Wow! That’s the way it should always be done!”

  3. What always surprises me is when someone in customer service is rude. I worked with the public for years and I knew their frustration was not with me but with the situation. I often agreed with their frustration which changed their frame of mind sometimes. I knew as an advocate I was there to help them through the crisis situation. There is never an ok reason to be rude to some one especially when providing a service or any situation where you serve.

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