Promise Keepers! What Coach Bill McCartney says about making your dreams a reality. Today’s pick of the day.


He was Coach Bill McCartney before he started Promise Keepers. You’ve likely heard about the large gatherings across the country where men come together to pray, listen to anointed speakers, and commit to being Godly men, husbands and fathers.

The toughest part of going to a Promise Keepers Rally in Florida was finding a ladies room in a huge arena that had not been posted “men only.” The few women in attendance stuck out like sore thumbs, most of us wearing media passes. My reason for attending was to interview Coach Mac in preparation for writing about his faith. All these years later, his piercing eyes still speak into my soul from words of wisdom he shared years ago.

You want to stir a man? Give him a big dream. Give him something bigger than himself. That will call a guy to be prostrate before God because he has a dream that’s way beyond anything he can conceive or imagine.” 

Wow. Promise Keepers has affected millions of men for years. And it all started from a vision that was nurtured from a man who knew if his vision was to become a reality, he would have to completely depend on God.

Do you have a dream? Is there a vision lurking in your heart? Perhaps God is stirring something in you and in me. It likely even has “impossible” written all over it. Thankfully, so did Promise Keepers. Yet empty stadiums were filled. Men repented and went home. Families were reunited. And dreams became realities.

We all want our dreams to become a reality. Perhaps the only thing missing is complete dependance on the one who gave us the dream in the first place. Today’s pick of the day.

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