Protect! Becoming One. Marriage simplified. Today’s pick of the day.

A simplified marriage? Yes!

Over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Most have heard the staggering statistics. Even Christian marriages share in similar statistics. My own father was married nine times. Step families were a dime a dozen and there are some I don’t even remember. Marriage can be challenging even when shared between two good people committed to one another.

Last week my husband of twenty-one years and I had an issue arise that created panic. It needed immediate attention and precise resolution. We were both already busy, stressed with outside influences, and now concerned about quickly making the right decision for the right reason.

He had his perspective and I had mine. They differed. After all he is a man and I am a woman which alone brings two opinions.  For days we discussed options, but because of its importance  we opted to seek councel from someone we trusted. We realized that our success was dependent on our being united and coming together as one.

Turned out to be a good decision. We received the insight we needed, determined a plan, and took action. We believe the outcome will be positive.

What could have driven us apart ended up bringing us closer. Simply because we recognized the need to become one and therefore act as one. Easier said than done. It took humility, strategic communication, and compromise.

If you are in a healthy marriage, protect it. Be pro-active. Get help when needed. Simplify by communicating more with kind word and even kinder ears. Be attentive. Listen. Seek Godly councel. Join a small group. Worship together. Pray together. Go on a date. Be around healthy couples who enjoy each other. Do random kind acts especially when you don’t “feel” like it.  Wanting something means doing something. Be a do-er. 

Simplify marriage by unifying your marriage. Protect. Be one by becoming one, one day at a time. Today’s pick of the day.




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  1. Beth, thank you for your insight. This is great advice that I will put into action. Protecting and nourishing our marriages is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Of course, it glorifies God, which is the greatest gift of all! Kris Ann

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