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Push! How to “faith it forward.” Today’s pick of the day.


There is a fine line between faith and fear.  Faith? It’s real. Yet fear, it’s real too.

Both serve important purposes. Faith pushes us out of our comfort zone where we trust that God is with us and we do something we could otherwise not do in our own strength and power.

Fear serves as a yellow light, giving pause a place and and an opportunity to linger upon a decision. That can serve a valuable purpose. That is where we learn to “faith it forward.”

My writing this month has focused on the importance of mentoring. Within families, at church, and at work. We need mentors. We are mentors. Influence is constantly in motion in every conversation and interaction with another. It never stops.

Both faith and fear are magnified by those we seek advice from. Rarely do we decide something important without the consult of another. Therefore, we must carefully decide how those “mentoring moments” are decided. Choose wisely. Don’t discuss everything with everyone. Be judicious in who you allow to speak into your life.

While both faith and fear have their place, faith must win.  Your potential is before you. God has gone ahead and has a plan. Not one person I can recall ever did something amazing without having to bypass fear. Yet each had someone in their corner helping them to “faith it forward.”  

Be a “faith it forward” person. Encourage others. Invest in people. Use what you know. Take a leap of faith yourself. We need mentors speaking boldly. Others sharing openly. Discussing faith and fear, confident faith wins in the end every time.

It’s not easy, it’s just true. Today’s pick of the day.

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