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Push! Why you must face your cliff to survive. Today’s pick of the day.


I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, not one to think in a box. Over the years I’ve done a lot of things. Some were born of creativity, others born of need.

Most pursuits were driven by my desire to define my it. That job I’m made for. That God-given talent at work. It’s easy to compare what we do with what others are doing while seeing how they seem such a perfect fit. Deep down we are left quietly wondering if some it somewhere has our name on it and we’ve somehow passed it by.

Often my pursuit has led to brick walls, no’s, rejection, and years of trying to figure it outThe older I’ve gotten, I’ve summed it up. Sometimes God says yes, other times He says no.

We can’t figure that out and waste time if we try. Bottom line, just do what you do. Be your best day in and day out.  Go for what you feel driven to do. One day, doors will open.

As we’ve published our magazine, God has said yes. Doors have opened we didn’t know existed. People have come into our world with gifts and talents we don’t have. A team has assembled as if a giant GPS system led us into one place. Each day something happens that we didn’t make happen. God has said yes.

Stepping out in faith is like standing on a cliff and looking over the edge. There is no way to survive a jump without supernatural rescue. It’s that amazing moment where your faith and God’s faithfulness intersect and wow things happen.

This season is not what I thought it would be. I was expecting easy.  But it’s hard. Very hard. Every day I feel inadequate. Constant reminders to fall to my knees in submission. Each day the cliff appears. Apart from Him I fall. That glorious scary impossible cliff has become my it.

God. Well, He is God. He has reasons, purposes that affect eternity. It’s His plans that matter. Sometimes he says yes, others no. But the answer you seek? It’s on the cliff. You must step out. Look over. Then leap. It is there you become dependent on a dependable God.

Push? Yes! Today’s pick of the day.

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