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Dallas Writers Conference

Beth as a Speaker

Energetic and dynamic

I’ve got years of great reviews! Speaking is fun for me because I understand the power of great stories. One thing I promise, you won’t be bored or fall asleep! I’m thankful for the energy and enthusiasm that comes with being on a stage.

Speaking Events

Beth loves to share the principles gleaned from those Godly-people passionately pursuing theirs. Click on email button below to contact Beth to speak! As well as a live speaking event Beth  can also arrange an event via Zoom!

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What kind of Events?

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I know what it takes to climb the corporate ladder because I did it. Entering into the work force with no experience, very little education, and younger than most, I discovered how to identify my ‘path to purpose’ that proved successful. I’ve got strategies! No matter your age or stage, you can be successful at work and enjoy your career! 

Faith Based

My weak foundation as a Christian totally crumbled as a young adult. In my family of origin, we were so wrong about many things. Our belief in God was one of fear, we were basically a mess. Recommitting my life to Christ later as a young wife and mom was a new beginning of understanding my identity ‘crisis.” That crisis became clarity! I’m still learning who God is so I can keep learning more about who and Whose I am. Thankfully I know who ‘Beth’ is and I’m learning to love myself so I can better love others as Christ loves me.

Previous Engagement

In a world that wants to be all digital, My live in-person events can still be a defining moment, enjoyable time as well as cherished memory. Click on Play button on the video to view a sample from Baton Rouge.

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