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If? Not if. Definitely not.

Thought for the day. What would happen if we really believed this? How would our thoughts and actions change? They would change radically!  God is for us. God is for YOU. He is in our corner….our guide, advocate, Father, and  helper. Picture Him with you. Because He is! The more you practice His presence, the more… Continue reading If? Not if. Definitely not.

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Created for Creativity. Are you?

Wow! Today I attended the second of a Beth Moore Bible study called Breath. It's about the Holy Spirit. Today's lesson was on creativity and it was amazing. While I can relate to Beth when it comes to country accents (and overcoming life challenges) I can do her teaching no justice. But to not share a few… Continue reading Created for Creativity. Are you?

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Perception. Painfully powerful. Today’s pick of the day.

Having been in sales since I've been an adult, I understand the power of perception. First impressions mean everything when it comes to building relationships. Having started a business that is also a ministry, both traits remain equally important. Perceptions and relationships are key to success. The difference in business and ministry? Eternity.  Now my goal is blending both… Continue reading Perception. Painfully powerful. Today’s pick of the day.

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Push! How to “faith it forward.” Today’s pick of the day.

There is a fine line between faith and fear.  Faith? It's real. Yet fear, it's real too. Both serve important purposes. Faith pushes us out of our comfort zone where we trust that God is with us and we do something we could otherwise not do in our own strength and power. Fear serves as a… Continue reading Push! How to “faith it forward.” Today’s pick of the day.