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That fine line….


ūüėáOver the years, I’ve met some amazing folks. Having interviewed people for years, often I think back to specific memories of one-liners that have shaped who I’ve become as a writer and speaker.

John Croyle is a man with¬†a magnetic personality. Having been very successful playing football at the University of Alabama, he also opened Big Oak Boys Ranch in Alabama. Under his vision and leadership, they’ve rescued over 2000 children since 1974.

His story is his story, but how he shaped my story is nothing short of divine intervention.

He’s a tall man with penetrating eyes, quite¬†intimidating as at the time of our meeting as I was much younger. Yet when he spoke it was as if he could see my soul laying bare on the conference table. Wanting to spare me potential heartache due to my assertive nature, he went ‘off the record’ for a brief moment.

“You can’t lead and be led.” That’s it. That one simple sentence is what reached deep into my soul and stirred a bit of chaos into order. “Oh….” I began to think.

My attempt to lead while also inviting God to lead was just not going to work. There was a major fork in the road, and it was my time to pick a direction. That day I began to learn the difference.

Learning to let¬†God lead takes¬†practice, especially when you are hard wired to make things happen. Yet the more we sit back, invite his hand into our every decision and decidedly wait on Him, the ¬†more we learn to “be led.”¬†There is no better way!

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