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The Proof of Priorities. Epic fail day one. Today’s pick of the day.


I’m always the first up at my house. Such a great time to drink hot fresh coffee and pray.

Or not. It’s the first day of the new year, and I’ve already experienced epic fail number one. Why? Because what I say are my priorities and what are my priorities don’t match.

This morning before I uttered one word of prayer or enjoyed the silence, I checked several social media sites. Partly to see what my almost grown children might have posted. Worthy enough, but once I’d done that it seemed I’d been sucked into the wishes and countless pics of party hats and toasts as others celebrated the stroke of midnight. Before I knew it my precious few moments of quiet time had been wasted on nothingness. Ugh.

Thankfully it was a duly noted wake up call. “Lord forgive me.” That’s such a joke. He will of course forgive me. The problem with not living our priorities is that we cheat ourselves. God is certainly not out anything because I didn’t pray as I could’ve. Me? I cheated myself the meaningful blessings of a few moments of stillness. Whether I pray, sit, or reflect or just watch birds, the loss is mine and only mine. Costly.

Tomorrow is day two. I will do better. Because I realize what day one says about what I truly value. No thanks. I get it. No more will I cheat myself (and those I love) of what helps me to be my best.  A few moments to get centered on what truly matters.

Today’s pick of the day.

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