The Slumber Girls Review

Introducing….. The Slumber Girls!

Creative designers have always amazed me, and Ann Carpenter has continued that trend. During her years as an interior & custom drapery designer, Ann’s work was nothing short of visionary. Through her flare for design, Ann worked her way up over the past thirty years to become one of Atlanta’s premier designers.

Despite her success however, Ann felt like there was another dream she was meant to chase. The dream was simple, and proved to be a Godsend to those of us raising young girls. Ann wished to create a fun, imaginative, and wholesome line of “lifestyle” products for girls the world over. Beginning with a single beautifully embroidered accent pillow, designed for a clients daughter, Ann began to envision an entire thematic line that included dolls for “tween” age girls (7 to 14 years old), and thus the Slumber Girls concept was born!

Already having familiarity with many of the top selling doll lines, Ann felt strongly about designing a doll that was fun, imaginative, and most importantly age appropriate. As a result the original Slumber Girls, Prisi, MaiTae, Maya, and Skye were born. Each of the dolls molds are modeled after a 10 year olds body, are culturally diverse, and were designed in keeping with that special time in a little girl’s life when it is just ok to be a girl!

Getting to know them should be as much fun as playing with the dolls themselves, as the Slumber Girls are being featured in their book debut, “The Mystical Dollhouse,” to be released this July. This book is historical fiction, both entertaining and educational, and written by award winning author Paul M. Howey. In addition to the dolls and the books, there are additional products that are also available and create a complete package that any little girl will cherish. Having seen those products first hand, they are of outstanding quality and can survive any slumber party my 10 year old will attend! 

Be one of the first to get your Slumber Girl! Enjoy products that are wholesome, fun, and highly stylish. Help your daughter (or friend) build inner strength, make wise choices, and develop strong character as they read the journeys of these fascinating girls in The Mystical Dollhouse.

Log onto www.slumbergirls.com and have fun!

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