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This way to better health….


It really does only take one solid decision to change everything.

Many people go on diets and completely wreck their self control. If that works for you, great! Keep at it.

When I’m struggling with my diet, I just make one definitive decision for that week.  By giving up one thing, it keeps me mindful of discipline, but does not make me feel defeated from the start. This week, no sugar!

So give up one food, something like chips or cookies.  Add one exercise, walk a mile or add some push ups. Eliminate one drink, perhaps something sugary. Try one new supplement, for me it’s currently Vitamin D and magnesium. Then a big ‘no’ to that one temptation that gets you every time! This week I’m giving up so called protein bars that are actually just loaded with sugars and call themselves healthy. Reading labels really helps.

As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. New habits take time, and behavioral change takes place when manageable decisions are made and you don’t try to change everything at once.

Make one healthy decision today. Then again tomorrow.  Be realistic but stand firm.  Duke it out, win that battle. You can do it.

What are some other good ideas that have worked for you? Let’s share with others!

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