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Those kinds of friends….

Last week, a friend (Nancy, far left) called to check on me. She knew I’d been struggling with how to handle some recent changes in my life.

How are you? Happy go lucky me broke down in tears. “I’m really struggling.” She knew. “I know, you’ve been on my heart and mind.”

Just to be able to talk to someone who cared for a few quick minutes meant the world. After the opportunity to share, cry, vent, and end up in spontaneous laughter gave me the chance to feel better and look forward.

Real friends can make a huge difference in your life. My friend Nancy could have said, “I’ll call her later…. or I’m sure she is fine,” but she took the time to call and care. We also determined to get to gather and pray on a regular basis.

Because of that authentic conversation, I was able to free some of my emotions and enjoy the rest of my day. All because of a 5 minute conversation!

Do you have those kinds of friends? Are you that kind of friend? Take time to call. Listen well to others. When God lays someone on your heart, reach out to them right then. Treat others with value.

It takes very little to encourage another. Intimacy in relationship is important to us all, and it can change so much if we become more internal about real relationships.

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