Time to Pick P’s- Protecting your Path, are you up for the battle?

We all want to be on the right path, but are we?

ImageThere is something about knowing  we are in our “it” zone. Doing what we should be doing, being good at it, and knowing we are moving forward at an accelerated pace.

Recently, I’ve had to go into full battle mode to protect my path by doing the one thing I didn’t want to do. Let go of a maybe.

There are countless maybes in life. Should I do this? Could I do that? Why not give this a try? Doing new things can be exciting, it helps define our purpose, often by discovering things we are good at. In this case, it was the discovery of something that was not working for me and the difficult task of accepting this realization as success as apposed to failure. Even though I had given this maybe a great deal of time and money, it wasn’t producing what I had expected.  It was costing time, creativity, and the confidence that I was on the right path.

After struggling for weeks with the looming decision to let this go, it was apparent a decision had to be made – to walk away. Then to fight the urge to feel afraid of what could have been.

Protecting our Path often means letting go of what is robbing us of the confidence to fully pursue what we know deep down we are called and gifted to do. We can’t pursue all the maybes out there, we have to pick, which often means turning up the no’s so the yeses get our best.

Knowing who we are is completely dependent on knowing who we are not. Now, I’m empowered to protect my path. It took stepping out in faith, looking fear in the face, and pushing forward with decisiveness.

Time to Pick P’s-todays pick? Protection. It’s up to you.





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