Persevering–Your Dreams are not Dead! Today’s Pick of the Day


Ask most any kid, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Most are quick to respond with little hesitation. “Baseball player, rock star, or a computer whiz.” The list could go on.  With little doubt, they spout options they believe are possible. Kids think big. 

Pose that same question to an adult. Likely you will get different answers. “Just make it, get a new job, provide for my family.” Some may articulate something more futuristic. “Write a book, go on a safari, make a million bucks.” But we feel powerless to make it happen. By the time we mature, life as an adult stands in stark contrast to life as a kid. Reality hits hard and we become less about dreaming and more about surviving.

We learn to give up-because we choose to give in. We think within the parameters of what we can see, when our dreams lie beyond the boundaries of logic. We must “pick” to balance between the kid that still lives inside each of us, and the adult who has been disappointed by dreams that exist hauntingly in our rearview mirrors.

The Bible says without a vision, the people perish. No one wants to perish, but our souls perish daily when we lack the push of passion and power of potential.

Dreams don’t die. They may change as we change, and may be molded by our experiences. But God is still God and is the giver of all good things, one of which is a purpose!  He uses the process of our life, our hurts, hopes and yes – our dreams to prepare us for that purpose. We simply forget to tap into our power source, God Himself who molds everything and conforms it to his plan. We cannot make our dreams come to pass. But when we let them lie dormant, they appear out of reach. This then becomes the lie that defines our life and takes those exciting dreams and turns them into devastating disappointments.

How do we persevere in the face of disappointment and resurrect our dreams?

Pray. Ask God to make Himself and His Power known to you in a personal and intimate way. Let Him in more.

Push. Everyday. Push harder, not in doing, but in believing. Our ability to believe must become our key strategy.

Pursue. Pursue God, get on your knees in surrender. Offer your life, your talents,  your past, present and future. Let Him Reign. 

Perseverance. It’s today’s pick of the day.  Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t look back.


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  1. Thank you for the encouraging reminder that God gives the power when we surrender and ask for His enablement.

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