Time to Pick P’s, Today’s pick of the day-Prison and your great escape!

While you may not be escaping a literal prison, we all have obstacles holding us back, sometimes crippling our efforts to pursue God’s call on our life.

If you are a Christian like me, we are called to live in freedom. Freedom! That skipping around with not a care in the world kind of freedom. Yet I’m all too aware of chains that bind me and keep me from trusting that freedom uninhibited.  Are you?  Our most important job –  day in and day out, is realizing we are free from prison. We are to push forward and be all God has called us to be.

These chains (often by way of suggestive thoughts) attempt to frighten us and hold us back and cause many of us to rethink everything. We should make confident decisions and live free of regret, knowing God will lead along the right path. It’s how we pick powerfully, we must make decisions in faith. The opposite is indecision, which is living in fear. That my friends, is our own self inflicted prison.

How can we break free of the invisible prisons that keep us from doing everything God has for us?

First, relax. We were never called to live mistake free. We will make wrong decisions, but God will lead us back as long as we are pursuing Him above all else.

Next, see the invisible bars as opportunities, because they are. We were never promised an easy life, we are called to growth and perseverance. Push! Trust God to be your strength, and look through those invisible bars and walk right past them. They are not as powerful as they appear. Most of the time they are lies simply trying to divert us into a life with less meaning.

Finally, don’t expect anyone else to do this for you. Others cannot hold you back, nor can they push you forward. This is between you and the God who created you for HIS purposes. Get on your knees and ask for clarity, strength, and courage. Then trust Him.

Freedom or prison. It’s today’s pick of the day.



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