Victory is Sweet

Funny how a small victory can seem huge. As an outdoor enthusiast I love to watch nature. Surrounding our pool area is a haven for birds; feeders, houses, trees, and a bird bath that is rarely without someone splashing. From our screen room you can see many different types of birds go from one spot to another in what seems like an effortless goal of fine dining and five star lodging.


Over the years, I’ve become quite territorial. These are my birds. After all, my family feeds them, houses them, talks to them, and watches them so doesn’t that give some sense of ownership?


Every year there are intruders and I’ve also become protective. In most back yards there are those pesky squirrels that seem to sit and wait to pounce on dainty bird houses, often making a mess and breaking the carefully decorated houses into smithereens. For bird enthusiasts, this can be war.


This year, I planned ahead by buying skinny metal rods with hooks to hang the houses on. No more tree limbs for my bird houses, squirrels have every right to trees. It’s only fitting that my cute bird houses don’t stand a chance in trees. I know when to give in.


It was when I saw squirrels, who belong in trees, climbing effortlessly up my new metal squirrel resistant poles that I got mad. Down right angry, frustrated, but resigned to protect my birds and their perfect little houses. Then I decided that that old saying where there is a will there is a way must have some basis in truth.


In a brilliant moment, I sprayed non stick spray on the poles. And one cheery sunny morning I saw something marvelous. I watched a huge squirrel strut over to my metal pole that had been doused in Pam, and waited for his big climb. As he ascended his big brown eyes grew and he started spinning those little legs as he started to slide back down the slippery slope, his legs hugged all the way down as he sunk. My proud moment was when he ran off, tail tucked as I drank another cup of coffee. I won.


Problems are real every day. But we must be willing to think in a creative way with nothing less than victory in mind. We must be committed to success even when it looks impossible. There is an old saying that is appropriate for today’s business, success lies right beyond where most people give up.


No need to ask if you are facing problems today. At home and at work we all face problems, some seemingly surmountable in comparison to squirrels. To some there may not be a simple solution, but to many there are. But we must be willing to try something innovative, especially in an economy where we must carefully craft our every move to ensure maximum benefits.


Victory is sweet, but so much sweeter when it’s personal. Don’t wait for solutions from others, be one!!

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