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What re-using a paper towel really means….that little things are really big things.

Never waste an aha moment….

What does re-using a paper towel have to do with anything? A lot actually. There it was, sitting on the counter folded up like it had some important purpose. It had been used, but not a lot. There was still some use left in it, therefore it should be saved. Right?

Well dang. Suddenly it hit me. It was fear. Yep, rearing it’s ugly head. The old me had sprung to life, reverting to self protection and managing problems before they even happened.

True it was just an old used paper towel. But the fact that I was saving it gave reason to pause and remember that provision was no longer my job. Work, yes. Work hard, of course. But to hold onto that nasty thing was its own nasty thing. Fleshy memories taking me back to those early years when being broke was its own full time job.

So I had to have a moment and remember how easy it is to shrink back to old patterns of thinking.  We must be alert to life, paying attention to how we think and what we do. Letting ourselves be observant of our motives and actions. Slow down. Listen. Grow. Be real.

We are being taught in everything we do. We must be quick to learn, to hear those important lessons.  Noticing that the little things really do mean big things.


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