What’s Your Batting Average?

What is your batting average?

Baseball has been all over the media lately, college playoffs, professional games on numerous channels and summer leagues are in full swing for the younger players. While most of us don’t play, we can learn a lot from one of our country’s National Pastime.

For a batter, it is the hot seat: the pressure of the moment, the weight of the game, fans in the grandstand and teammates in the dugout watching your every move as you take your turn at the plate. It’s up to you to get a hit. It’s easy to imagine the pressure.

The most amazing thing is the value of each hit. For a player that averages two hits out of every ten bats, they are below average and probably can’t stay on the team. But for a player that gets three hits out of ten at bats, they are an elite athlete with a contract worth millions of dollars. The difference? One more hit every ten chances. Just one!

Such is life. While one more hit can equate to millions of dollars, what did it take behind the scenes for that athlete to push ahead of the average? More practice? Yes. Harder workouts? Probably. More commitment? Likely. While some people are gifted with talent, it must be conditioned. Hard work, disappointment and perseverance are part of the package.

Every day is your opportunity to become better at what you did the day before. Are you allowing complacency in to your mindset? Are you settling in any area of your life? If so, try getting up every day with a new mindset. One more hit today.

Practice-to be good at anything you must practice. Work, relationships, and hobbies all require practice. Don’t just get by, try new approaches, get creative and do things differently than usual, see what brings change by doing what brings change. Have fun being innovative.
Change-to improve anything, you must change something. If every day looks the same, it’s because you are doing the same thing day to day. That can lead to predictable outcomes that become stagnant and boring. Create excitement with appropriate change.
Vision-Everyone has a vision tucked away of what is wished for. What is yours? It can redirect everything you do if you give it life and step towards it. One small step in a new direction every day can totally change the trajectory of your life.
Action-It is easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture. While it’s good to be a visionary, you must understand the importance of baby steps. It’s what you do with the small opportunities that make the real difference. It’s one more “at bat” at a time.

Gaining an edge is intentional. If you hope to climb the corporate ladder, there must be a plan in place that gives you an edge over others in your field. Something must set you apart as you seek to jump out ahead of competitors. It can be as simple as a mindset that values every opportunity as you go about your daily routines.

What is your batting average? One more hit today than yesterday.

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