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When you don’t ‘dwell well..’

Goals are great. Sometimes we achieve them, other times we don’t.

Do you “dwell well?”

My theme of ‘dwelling well’ this year is based in Psalm 91. “He who DWELLS in the secret place of the most high will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.”

In other words, where is our hiding place? Our place of refuge? Where do we ‘go’ when things are really hard?

To Jesus, yes, but how? How do we hide from a hard situation? Sometimes we see ourselves getting into the word, or in prayer, perhaps even on our knees in surrender. While those are great, sometimes it’s just not possible in that moment.

For me ‘dwelling well’ is most often in the moment, when I’m clearly in the hot seat. When something happens that would cause me to shrink back in fear or panic. Or when someone hurts my heart, that makes me want to labor in sadness and have a pity party. Or when someone offends me by doing wrong. This list could go on…..

Often to “dwell well” we must learn to choose patience…

This kind of dwelling requires a decision with discipline. Instead of reacting to circumstances with emotion and impatient words, we can choose wisdom, God, which paves the way for peace.

Ways to ‘dwell well….’

  1. Silence. Wait on the Lord…..
  2. Mentally shift into God’s presence right then, practice this often.
  3. Picture some place that is peaceful. Quickly. Plan that ahead of time.
  4. Trust God is at work when you are seeking His hand. His purpose is at work. This is the ultimate “secret” place, trusting His will.
  5. Say the name of Jesus. ( The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe.)

In order to learn to “dwell well” we must have a plan. Do you have a plan?

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