Why Going with the Flow is a NoGo

It all started with my last pick up from the dry cleaners. In the bag crisp and tidy were items that caused a bit of a panic. It was as if in that moment I needed to get dressed up and go somewhere, quickly! Where didn’t really matter, but I’d better hurry.

Why the panic? My bag was full of white clothes! White pants, white jeans, and white capris. Labor Day was around the corner. It was with great sadness that I started to pack them up and put them away.

Suddenly I felt quite rebellious. I even told my husband, “guess what I’m doing on Tuesday after Labor Day, I’m wearing white!” It felt good to take charge and be different.

In my moment of rebellion, I decided to research why I had almost been obedient to a long standing rule that made no sense. Who say’s you can’t wear white after Labor Day? There is a wealth of information available and if you are curious, you can Google it. Even then most answers are based on speculation, so it’s probably not worth your time.

Understanding why we do what we do is important in understanding who we are. Then taking time to challenge our motives invites a fresh approach to everyday life. Re-thinking even the simplest decisions can change our routine in such a way that invigorates passion and ignites a new outlook that is more self confident and less dependent on others.

A couple of questions that helped to get me thinking:

Who am I at work? Do I get the job done no matter what others are doing? Do I complain about the company’s policies just because everyone else does? Or am I willing to set myself apart by working hard and letting my performance speak for itself? Do I attempt to be different or do I hide and hope to go unnoticed?

Who am I at home? Do I let others dictate my mood? Home life can be a delicate blend of personalities, but am I willing to set expectations and set a positive example? Am I willing to do the hard work of effective communication and holding others accountable for what is best for everyone in the family?

We are heavily influenced by others. Often our decisions are based on what others want  from us, without even considering other options that may even be better. Personal strength is developed by making sound decisions for the right reasons. Few people have a strong sense of self, tempered with an equal understanding of others.

Who are you and why do you do what you do? Are you willing to be different? Sometimes going with the flow is the right thing to do. Other times call for the confidence wear your white pants year around, just because you want to.

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