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Why you can’t “make it happen…”



I’ve seen countless people working so hard to “make things happen.” I’ve been guilty myself of getting in a hurry to spring into action with my latest crazy idea. Worthy causes, great people, even better innovative ideas. Yet until God is clearly moving in our midst,  we are best to wait.

Read a great devotion this morning. “The most dramatic changes in your life will come from God’s initiative not yours. The people God used mightily in Scripture were all ordinary people to whom He gave divine assignments.  The Lord often took them by surprise, for they were not seeking significant mandates from God.” Further in the devotion were examples.

“The Lord spoke to Abram when He was beginning to build a nation dedicated to His purposes. God found Jesse’s young son David to be a Godly man who could lead. God surprised Mary when He told her she would be the mother of the Messiah. Jesus chose 12 disciples, all ordinary uneducated men when He was ready to take the good news of salvation to the world.” None of these were looking for fame or fortune. But they were of true heart and humble spirit.

This is a difficult balance, to be an ambitious “go getter” while being a patient child who is listening to the Father’s voice. Yet Jesus did nothing apart from hearing first from the Father. Whether hours praying on a mountainside or walking along with people hungry for His touch, He never rushed anything. A great lesson to remember daily.

We are in a hurried world. Everyone is ‘saying rush here and hurry up and do that’. That is not from God. While there are times He may prompt us into action, the moment we begin to fret and become frustrated and impatient, its time to step back and listen. Too much is at stake when we get ahead of God.

God sees our heart. That is what He found in the people He chose for his purpose. Hearts about His glory and not their own.

When I get panicky and start to fret, I use the same prayer to calm my soul. “Lord, your will. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.”  Prayer and Scripture help align my goals with His plans. My lofty ideas are not always what He has for me now. That does not mean give up on them, but often we are called to wait, grow, pray and trust.

Diving assignments depend on Divine appointments that are initiated by God. He will move when you are ready.


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