Win, Lose or Draw

Win Lose or Draw

Whether or not you play sports, you likely have spent time watching those who do. Seems the majority of television channels is showing a game, talking about a game, or getting ready to watch one.

It is constant, we move straight from one sport to the next while many overlap. Most have favorite teams, and we find ourselves glued to the TV as we shout for victory. Though we cheer for our favorite players, keep in mind that behind almost every good player is an even better coach.

Good teammates in an of themselves are only that.  Good coaching brings them together so that they work together as a team. It is giving everyone a specific job, teaching them to do that job, and demonstrating how everyone’s performance affects the success of the team.

Just what makes a great coach?

Motivating Others: Years ago I read an authors comments regarding a survey

he had done regarding self esteem. His research found that 2 of 3 people have low self esteem!  A great coach can see potential, offer ways to develop potential, and cast a vision of what can be with hard work and commitment. Motivating others means helping others see themselves beyond where they are now and helping point how to get there.

Teaching Others: Teaching others is an exchange of knowledge where you teach others something you know in a way that makes sense to them. Part of coaching is assessing the knowledge of those you are teaching. It is important to offer specific teaching to individual needs, instead of generic teaching to a large group. Most people will respond better to personal attention that helps them to see their growth. Teaching others means that others are learning new information every day.

Disciplining Others: There is no way to be a good coach without disciplining others. Part of how we grow is to learn from mistakes. A great coach can point out areas of weaknesses and turn them into strengths. It’s important to be specific in overcoming

the weaknesses with a written plan and timetable. A great coach may be leery of confrontation, but realizes it’s part of the job and learns to get better by doing it. Disciplining others means that people are growing and not remaining complacent.

This point is easily driven home by watching kids learn sports. No more heated can a game be when it involves your own children! There will always be the coach who plays his own kid no matter what, who rants and raves like it’s a major league tournament, and sometimes those who have never played the game themselves. Then on occasion you find one who can look into the heart of the child and see the hopes and dreams that are there to be nurtured. That coach knows every word and deed counts.

Win, lose or draw? Not a smart question as the answer may seem predictable. But the better the coach, the better the team. So put your hat on and get to work.

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