Worth Fighting For

July is pivotal in the history of our young country. It marks the birth of our great nation, which was no easy feat for those who fought and the many who died for our liberties. As we approach Independence Day, let’s consider our patriotism and how that affects business today.


Even though I did not fight for our country, I am grateful for those who did. My father fought in World War 2 and I wish I’d spent more time finding out about his experiences before he passed. The history of this country is filled with people who understood there are some things worth fighting for.


The current political environment seems increasingly heated, and frequently I

feel powerless with what seems little opportunity to have influence on what happens in Washington. However, it’s my job as a citizen to become educated and involved in a political system that was never designed to be too far for my reach to matter.


We share concern about the future of our country, thus we share the burden of making

a difference that will impact our homes and businesses. Every decision made at local, state, and federal levels impacts success as well as opportunities in the future. As business people we cannot afford to hope things improve in our economy, we must invest and participate.


If you are already involved, keep it up!  If not, simply get active in an area that matters most to you. Your personal passions are the driving force behind where to increase your efforts. No matter your political affiliation, get behind some cause that is important to you and see it through until your voice is heard.


As business people, let’s not be all talk and no action. Too many people watch the news passively and criticize what they see, while few are willing to invest in the process. There is no better time to step outside our comfort zones and find a cause worth the time and effort. Fight for tomorrow by taking a stand today.


Who are we as a nation two hundred and thirty five years later? That will be shaped by who we are as individual Americans. Though many are fighting wars for our continued freedoms, we are all called to stand firm for our convictions. You and me and everyone who is an American.


Do you long for our economy to strengthen? Do you hope for changes in our budget deficit? How do you feel about the moral fiber of where we are headed? Do you have an opinion on term limits? Where do you stand on taxes and if they should be raised or lowered?


What is worth fighting for? That is an individual decision. Find a place to be heard and make a positive difference. Invest in our future by being an active citizen willing to participate in the political process that makes our country great.

Let’s all join ranks and salute a great nation. Happy Independence Day America! May her best days be ahead!

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